Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Branded Toys vs. Generic Toys

Today I want to talk about giving kids at your event branded toys verses no-name, generic toys.

Branded toys are those that are under well known reputable brands such as Fisher Price, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Leap Frog, Tonka, Baby Born, Crayola, Disney, Lego, Lamaze, Little Tikes, Meccano, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket etc - you get the idea.

No-name, generic toys have no reputable brand and will generally try imitate/copy the actual brands.

It is quite simple. Branded is best! Why?

Kids want branded toys because that is what is advertised on television, in kids magazines, on the internet and in retail catalogues. Branded toys are those that their friends are playing with at school. That is what the kids want. If you want to make the kids most happy and generate the most excitement ... then give them what they desire the most.

I have seen on several occasions the disappointmentt on a kids face when they receive a no-name doll as opposed to a 'real' Barbie, Bratz or Disney doll. For good or for bad kids are as brand conscious as adults and one needs to take that into consideration.

Now I know you can argue that you get more bang for your buck buying the no-name toys, but in my opinion its worth opting for the branded products. Not only will the kids be far more satisfied, but on the whole the branded product is better quality, more durable and will last longer. In addition you will be assured that product has gone through the required safety testing and complies with Australian consumer laws. Very often the no-name, generic toys are imported by unscrupulous companies who are in it for a quick profit and ignore the laws ... putting your kids at risk! You've all seen the toy recalls around Christmas time - guess what products they are? No-name toys.

There are a mixed bag of suppliers out there. Some do exclusively no-name, generic toys - stay away from them! Others doing exclusively branded toys - go with them and be confident in the product you are giving the kids.

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