Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Count Down to Christmas

If you are not well on your way to organising toys and gifts then you better get going. Time is running out. See this video below from Protoys to get you in the mood:

A couple pointers to make things flow smoothly with your supplier:

1.) Make sure you have a confirmed budget per child

2.) Make sure you have made a decision on what information you want on your gift labels:
       - age and gender only
       - kids name only
       - age, gender & the kids name

3.) At this stage you may be getting an idea of what your attendance numbers are going to look like. If so use them to get better estimates

4.) Make sure you have all delivery addresses, required delivery dates and any special instructions

5.) If you are storing the gifts overnight at your venue, make sure it is arranged with the venue. Remember most suppliers will not be held liable if something happens to the gifts once they have arrived at your venue.

I'll be writing again soon. Happy organising!

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