Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Make Sure Time is On Your Side

Hi Again,

The first piece of advice is start organising the supply of toys for your kids Christmas party as early as possible. There are a number of reasons for this.

1.) To ensure you get the best toys at the best prices start early with your supplier. The great value-for-money branded toys will sell out eventually and generally speaking its those that do their selections early that get access to these products first.

2.) Your supplier and account manager will get busier and busier as it gets closer to Christmas. If you start earlier you will have more time to discuss things in detail with your account manager and have the ability to modify and adjust your selection conveniently and comfortably.

You may be asking how can I organise early if I don't even know how many people will be attending the party. Well ... Protoys for example will allow you to do your selection based on estimated quantities and then when your final quantities are confirmed closer to the party, Protoys will adjust your numbers to ensure you get what you need. The best way to estimate quantities is to take records from last year's event and increase the age of all the kids by one year. That generally will give you a good idea of what the current year's numbers will look like.

So if you haven't already started for this year call your toy supplier to get going NOW. Try out Protoys on (02) 9620 2424 to take advantage of our many years experience supplying social club children's Christmas parties and kids corporate events

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